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CIRAD headquartered in Montpellier has a similar mandate as the CGIAR. It employs 800 researchers (1800 total staff), carries out research in 52 research units and operates in more than 90 countries. The CIRAD library has a 2009 acquisition budget of Euro 660,000 and subscribes to about 14 international databases, has access to a broad array of journals via arrangements with several providers (such as Science Direct, Springer Online Wiley-Blackwell) and is  purchasing about 400 books.  Its acquisition budget has increased by 20% since 2007.  

In order to attract committed researchers to carry out high quality research, the CGIAR needs to dramatically improve its access to scientific information resources. These have to be selected, acquired and managed by experienced IM/librarians, that also must be given the means to  provide services to diverse users.

With so many players in the research to development continuum, it is the research that distinguishes the CGIAR from other players such as academic institutions, private and public sector organizations, and NGOs.

It behooves to this group to facilitate the access and manage many of the essential resources needed to carry out high-quality research.  



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This blog has remained somehow dormant, but will be very useful in our preparations for the upcoming IAALD-IM Meeting in Montpellier, April 2010.

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While a lot of knowledge sharing activities focus on making written information widely available, face-to-face interaction is still one of the most efficient (and fun) ways of learning from each other. To this aim, FAO will host a Knowledge ShareFair on the 20-22 January. Staff of Bioversity International, the CGIAR ICT-KM programme, FAO, IFAD and WFP will have the opportunity to exchange their experience on have applied new methods of communication
and knowledge sharing to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work.

One event that will be of special relevance for everyone interested in libraries (virtual and otherwise) is a session on the 22th of January, hosted by Peter Ballantyne, president of IAALD exploring the future of libraries.

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