I am a coach, process facilitator, change agent, researcher, network disentangler. Since I developed Net-Map years ago, I have used it on 4 continents in governmental, NGO and private sector settings to help people navigate complex and messy situation, be strategic in their networking and develop common understanding. In my work I am driven by never-ending curiosity and a passion for people. Some basic biographical facts: I received my Master in Applied Cultural Sciences in Lueneburg, Germany in 2000, my PhD in Human Geography in Bochum, Germany in 2004. Besides my studies I attended and (later) conducted a number of trainings in facilitation, inter-cultural communication and system centered counseling. The most exciting part of my work at the moment is to develop new and varied ways to apply Net-Map to better understand and manage our complex reality. I live with my husband and daughter in Washington DC.

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