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(by Mila M. Ramos)
The Cereal Knowledge Bank (CKB), jointly developed by IRRI and
CIMMYT, was launched in 2008. It is now accessible via these this link
http://www.knowledgebank.irri.org/ and through the CG Virtual Library.

The CKB is the “world’s leading repository of extension and
training materials related to cereals and cereal production”. It has
3 main components: The Rice Knowledge Bank, Maize Knowledge Bank,
and the Wheat Knowledge Bank. Each of these carries downloadable
materials dealing with all aspects of cereal production: from seed
and variety selection to product marketing. Rice, maize and wheat
farmers could easily utilize the contents of these sites as the
training materials are easy to understand and they carry a lot of
colored illustrations. In addition to training materials, there
also buttons entitled “Rice Doctor”, “Maize doctor”, and “Wheat
doctor”, which give instructions on how to diagnose field problems.
These training materials are regularly updated as new information comes


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